Prisma - Colour Pencil Drawing - Work in progress - Session #1

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Subject: Two-lined Salamander from reference image I took myself

Materials: Berol Prismacolor Pencils, Canson Cream medium tooth 90 lb. paper

Colors used thus far: sepia - bronze - yellow ochre - yellow orange - sand - white - tuscan red - crimson red - carmine red - neon pink - purple - violet - brite violet - light violet

Original Pencil Drawings - by Carolyn Hietala


Prisma Pencil can be used in conjunction with gouache quite easily. This very stylized mixed media painting was a practice piece for a drawing class.

A very light placement sketch was done initially in blue pencil with gouache applied next. The dress was given a wash in pink then completed in prisma pencil for texture and highlighting of the material. Prisma was also used for detail work and outlining of the figures to complete the line drawing style. The blue background was done in gouache.
This practice painting afforded me a great learning experience..... and turned out pretty well for that intention. Thanks also given to my lovely model!
Carolyn Hietala


Photograph of my first drawing instruction book "Drawing FACES AND EXPRESSIONS" published by Pitman in 1958...Victor Perard

I was asked recently how I learned to paint and my response .....first there was Crayola crayons.....then came graphite and color pencils. I absolutely fell in love with pencil sketching so my parents purchased for me this wonderful drawing book for beginners. If you can run across one...perhaps on would make a great gift for the budding young artist in your life!
by Carolyn Hietala